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RedstonePvP is a pvp arena server. It's a big arena where you can fight other players. We have minimum lagg and guarantee high uptime.
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Changelog - January

Posted by TheOddPuff at Sat 6 February, 2016

 - Added player bounties
 - Added heart smiley in chat (type < 3)
 - Added new shop plugin
 - Updated the shop layout
 - Updated /vote command
 - Updated vote reward system:
     - All players get 2 points for every vote regardless of their rank
     - When voted 100 times, players get a higher reward based on their rank:
         - Player: 20 points
         - Donator: 50 points
         - Premium: 80 points
     - There are still lucky votes (chance: 0.05%, reward: 10-15 points)
 - Added Unbreaking II to Premium axes
 - Lowered bounty tax from 10 to 5 points